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The World Health Organization (WHO)

Topic: The Issue of Covid-19 Vaccine imbalances across the world

Covid-19 has ravaged the world, paralyzing economies and industries crucial to the world's health, evolving infectious variants that kill thousands every day, devastating the healthcare systems of third-world nations, with hundreds of thousands of citizens unable to resume pre-pandemic productivity. Nonetheless, many first-world countries have begun to recover from the pandemic via the use of vaccines, with one of the most successful first-world countries, Israel, with 57% of their population receiving both doses of the vaccine. Although many developed nations have pledged to donate vaccines to lesser developed nations, the world is still seeing a massive imbalance in vaccination rates. First World nations have begun to return to loosen pandemic regulations as their populations gradually shift to increased vaccination rates. In contrast, many Third World nations continue to suffer from intermittent bouts of Covid-19 cases waves. This committee shall focus on advancing vaccination rates all across the globe, especially in third world nations, creating an equal supply of vaccines for all countries, no matter their development and increasing public trust of citizens in third-world nations towards vaccines.




Hi delegates! I’m Ashleigh, a Form 5 IB student at St Paul’s Co-educational College. It is my pleasure to serve as chair for WHO at VSAMUNXI. I've been a delegate, chair or exco member at multiple internal and external conferences, both in Hong Kong and overseas. Despite the conference being an online one, I still hope to make this conference as enjoyable and fruitful as possible for both novice and advanced delegates. Looking forward to meeting everyone in November :)



Hi delegates! My name is Valerie Yum and I'm currently a Year 11 student studying at the Chinese International School. I will be serving as the chair for the World Health Organization at VSAMUN this year. I've been doing MUN for 4 years now, attending over 10+ conferences and even ones abroad. I'm quite an open and easy person, so feel free to email me with any questions regarding the topics. In my free time, I also enjoy playing tennis and learning about the brain. I look forward to hearing your innovative solutions to the issue at hand, see you all soon!

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