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Featured Committees

Security Council

Chairs: Olwen Brown, Ava Au Yeung

Topic 1: The Situation of the Somali Civil War

Topic 2: The Issue of Arms Trafficking in the Americas

The Security Council is the UN body responsible for the maintenance and restoration of international peace and security, as well as the reconciliation of friendly relations between nations. It is made up of 15 members, 5 of which are permanent, and has the power to intervene in the case that international peace has been broken.

Chairs: Belle Tse, Ka Ho Cheung

Topic 1: Establishing a framework for future UN peacekeeping operations

Topic 2: Addressing the status of the Falkland Islands

The Special Political and Decolonization Committee addresses a wide range of political issues surrounding decolonization, the reviewing of current and future UN peacekeeping efforts, and peaceful uses of information and outer space.



Chairs: Yoyo Ngai, Maximus Han

Topic 1: Discussing the future of the NATO Nuclear Deterrent

Topic 2: Addressing the security issues arising from NATO’s withdrawal from Afghanistan

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is an intergovernmental military alliance between 30 member states. Established in the aftermath of WWII, NATO is characterised by its collective security system in which member states agree to defend one another in the case of an attack by a third party.

Chairs: Juliette Deiss, Jasper Wong

Topic 1: Addressing the practices of the Kafala System in the Gulf States

Topic 2: Addressing the use of reparations as a means of reconciliation for marginalised and indigenous communities

The Human Rights Council endeavours to protect, promote, and ensure the human rights that every human being is equally entitled to. The council is responsible for the investigation of allegations of human rights violations in individual UN Member States, as well as the addressing of thematic and systematic breaches of human rights around the globe.



Chairs: Marie Nguyet Cam Jade Tissier, Kelina Li

Topic 1: Ensuring global access to reproductive education and healthcare

Topic 2: Discussing the implementation of homicide crime reduction policies

The Economic and Social Council, as its name suggests, is responsible for coordinating the economic and social work under all bodies and organisations associated with the United Nations. Its primary objective is to foster international cooperation for social and economic development on both a local and global scale.

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