Economic and Social Council


Topic: Mobilizing Financial Resources for Developing Nations to fight against Covid 19

SARS-CoV-2 has devastated the world, destroying existing support structures, locking down swathes of nations and has caused immense economic and human losses. Although the more developed countries have slowly begun to recover from the disease with widespread implementations of vaccines, the lesser developed countries in the "third world" had near-to-non existing healthcare support structures even before Covid 19. Developing Nations have been hit hard from both the increasing spread of various variants and the unavailability of vaccines and other essential healthcare supplies. As Covid-19 and various more transmissible variants of Covid begin to wreak havoc onto lesser developed countries, the United Nations Economic and Social Council will aim to mobilize the resources of developed nations and the international community to aid the plight of the developing nations with the end goal to limit the amount of human, economic and social suffering to the world. This committee will also focus on finding long term solutions to the issue of healthcare and financial and economic reserves for developing nations to deal with such crises in the future.






Chair Report