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Security Council

Topic: Addressing the Situation in Afghanistan

 Afghanistan has been named the "graveyard of empires" by many, from defeating the ancient superpower of Alexander the Great and his Macedonian Empire, the mighty forces of the British Empire in their heyday to the overwhelming forces that rolled into Afghanistan under the flag of the Soviet Union. United States President Joe Biden's administration has continued with the Trump administration's policy of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. The final remnants of American military assets in Afghanistan are expected to be withdrawn in July after negotiations and the successful peace talks with the Taliban. But as the fragile Afghan National government, once propped up by American arms, begins to fall with increased terror attacks and reprisals against the Afghan government and Afghan civilians, with military bases that once secured the Afghan regime falling rapidly to Taliban forces. As America withdraws, the Security Council shall focus on the long-term future of Afghanistan, securing the safety of the Afghan people, the fate of international peacekeeping forces in Afghanistan and dealing with the wave of Afghan refugees escaping the rising violence between the Taliban and Government Security forces. This committee shall explore Afghanistan's long-term geopolitical future and return peace and stability to the land of poppies.




Hi Everyone, I'm Brendon Mak, a Year 10 student studying at Victoria Shanghai Academy. I am honoured to be your Chair for Security Council at VSAMUN 11th Conference and can't wait to see all the interesting and engaging debate everyone will be churning out for the 2 days of the 27-28th of November.



Hi Delegates, I'm Lorraine, I am a Form 5 at St. Stephen's College and I’m extremely excited to do this charming chairing :,)!

Chair Report