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Historical Security Council

Topic: The Soviet-Afghan War

It is Febuary 15th 1989, and just a year ago, the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan launched a bloody coup against the former government in the Saur Revolution, seizing power and establishing the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. Drastic reforms and crackdowns have been undertaken against the Afghan way of life, with dissenters against the new socialist government being rounded up in the thousands, with many more executed in devastating purges for minor crimes against the government, with many Afghans beginning to fear for the "Knock on the Door" that signalled the arrival of the judge, jury and executioner. Soon after the new government took power, feelings of resentment and hate towards the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan began to rise within their populace, with entire swathes of Afghanistan rising in full revolt against their government. In contrast, the new Afghan government begins to seek and improve ties to their Soviet Socialist neighbour up north. Afghanistan continues to spiral into increasing internal chaos, with the ruling party of Afghanistan, the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan, being plunged into an internal struggle. As instability continues to grip Afghanistan with revolts and rebellions spring up all across the country and large swathes of the military defecting against the central government in Kabul. Seeing increasing chaos and the possibility of the conflict embroiling the rest of the Middle East into flame, the Security Council has convened an emergency session to restore a semblance of peace and stability to Afghanistan.




Hello Everyone,

I am Matthew Wang, a Year 11 student from Victoria Shanghai Academy. It's an honour to serve as the Secretary-General of VSAMUNXI and the chair of the Historical Security Council. Having attended many HSCs, it is very exciting to lead this committee again! Hope you'll all learn a lot from this experience! 



Hi all, I’m Serena Ng, a year 12 student studying in Renaissance College Hong Kong, serving as your co-chair in the Historical Security Council in VSAMUN 2021. Having been in the MUN community for the past four years, I’ve had the pleasure of participating in and chairing insightful and fruitful debates, and look forward to doing the same at VSAMUN! See you all there!

Chair Report