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European Union (EU)

Topic: Re-Evaluating the EU's Role in Global Affairs

The European Union, born as a partial economic union between the war-torn nations of Western Europe, has progressed into a full-fledged partnership between 27 countries that stretches from the Atlantic Coast to the Black Sea. But as tensions across the world increase and conflicts arise on her borders, the previously passive policy of the European Union must adapt to this ever-changing world to redefine the EU's stance on global affairs and protect the EU from issues abroad. As of 2021, the European Commission has defined their foreign policy goals as the following, to contribute to peacekeeping on a global scale, to promote democracy and human rights in developing and neighbouring countries, support global security, be a world leader in the fight against climate change and increase international trade.





Hi everyone! I'm William Li, a year 12 student studying at Victoria Shanghai Academy. I'm honored to be chairing the EU committee for this year's VSAMUN! Looking forwards to two days of debate with you guys!

Chair Report