United Nations High Commissioners on Refugees (UNHCR)

Topic: Protecting Refugees from Covid 19

As of December 2020, 80 million people have been forcibly displaced by war, conflict, natural disasters, famine and poverty. 26.3 million of those 80 million have become refugees, fleeing their home countries for a glimmer of hope and stability not seen in their homelands, having to brave perils to reach the dilapidated and unsafe conditions of refugee camps. With the advent of Covid-19, millions of refugees already in unsanitary camps lacking essential healthcare services have had horrendous conditions exacerbated by the lack of quality healthcare for refugees afflicted with Covid-19 and the shortage of crucial supplies as face coverings and disinfectant. As a result, the unsanitary conditions of refugees in camps result in cases ballooning and refugees put at risk. This UNHCR Committee shall focus on protecting such refugees from Covid 19, improving the sanitary conditions of refugee camps and improving already-existing refugee support systems to safeguard further the rights and liberties of refugees around the world.




Hi UNHCR delegates! I am a Y11 student from KGV and I am very excited to be chairing this conference. I have been a delegate but this will be my first time chairing an MUN conference. Even though our conference will be held online, I am still looking forward to fruitful debate from all delegates. In addition, if any beginners are struggling at any point of the conference, feel free to contact me for help. 



Hey everyone! I’m Kristen, a form 5 student from St. Paul’s Co-educational College. I started my MUN journey in form 1 and have since joined over 10 conferences. Apart from debating on global issues, I like to spend my free time doing sports, playing with my cats and reading psychology books. I am very excited to be co-chairing UNHCR this year and cannot wait to meet you all!

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